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   Lowbrows Beer and Wine Garden

Bob's Corner:

  This bull about “the customer is always right” was fabricated by the Consumer’s Union in 1932, during the socialist period in this country. Everybody knows the public is out to beat the hardworking merchants for all they can. Stay away!

Best Regards,   Bob

Woodpeckers in the Beer Garden

The other weekend a very small poop found its way into Jamie’s beer. We don’t condone this but it’s unfair to accuse the redheaded woodpeckers that reside in the beer garden. At the altitude involved and with the sightings of bogie yellow bellied birds, we feel that it was not friendly fire but a surprise attack. We standby our redheaded friends and resent the innuendos to the contrary. We wash our hands of this whole affair (and our glasses).

We stand by our free marketing